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IPS Community Suite 4.4.4 NULLED DOWNLOAD

A new release from the popular IPS Community Suite 4.4.4 forum engine has been released! Version 4.4.4 is a small maintenance update to correct the problems reported from 4.4.3.

Inactive website:


  • Core Added support for Emoji 11 emojis Adding support for
  • spam defense.
  • Add admin logs when member notifications are updated.
  • Add the Giphy key that was previously installed.
  • Usability and appearance of member filters by date.
  • If you are in the future, then you will be able to increase your account.
  • Improved comments on the REST API Reference page.
  • Increased sending bulk e-mail via SendGrid.
  • Improve your posts.
  • Performance improvements when viewing all IP addresses used by members.
  • The registration log email is clarified when there is no local password specified.
  • This is a list of conditions.
  • Set post group days so that not all content is consistent.
  • Email sent here.
  • Fix email for AdminCP notifications.
  • If there is movement, it will be progress.
  • Fix email statistics for AdminCP that displays weekly charts.
  • If you are in a list box, you might be trapped in a private mailbox.
  • After the removal of a personal courier.
  • Fixed an issue that could occur when deleting / moving images related to the login handler.
  • The setting “Convert all tags to lowercase”.
  • If you have pre-moderation it is not necessary.
  • Post the place to register is the next unread place.
  • Fix the callback URL used to enter wordpress.
  • Improve core tasks.
  • Fix “PruneMembers” background tasks so that they don’t recur under certain conditions.
  • Do you want to fix the password?
  • It does not matter.
  • An item can be seen as an automatic fix.
  • If you are not sure, you are
  • This is a list of public places.
  • Fixed an edge problem by redirecting non-rewrite FURL after enabling rewriting.
  • Fixed image attachment size issues when using insert attachment insert when using Amazon S3.
  • After being dismissed.
  • Where you can see short photos after they are displayed.
  • Fixed a lazy problem loading placeholders when added to existing content.
  • Fixed a layout problem with cellular pagination buttons.
  • Fix unnecessary redirects when viewing clubs.
  • Improve potential waiting times for cleaning tasks.
  • Elasticsearch improvements are being prepared with version 7 (which is not yet supported). Show an error message.
  • Can be displayed in topic widgets.
  • If you register with a language that is detected automatically
  • Where is the online situation.
  • Fix the corrupted login form.
  • Fix loading pagination status
  • Fix non-latin characters in URLs that are displayed incorrectly when switching between pages.
  • Where you can display content in the wrong order.
  • Registration is reversed in a vertical view.
  • Newer / page / 2 / pagination formats.
  • This is where the number of pages is displayed.
  • Fixed a redis failure problem which caused an exception without being caught.
  • If you are a trading REST API
  • Rediscrash.
  • Fixed an issue when incomplete member registration was not deleted correctly.
  • Postup is sent immediately rather than postponed.
  • Fix saved exceptions.
  • Fixed an issue where the ‘Email Failed’ AdminCP notification message could not be deleted.
  • Fixed an issue where the “Anonymous login” check was incorrectly checked.
  • Fix the problem where to go.
  • Where the template disk can be repaired and can be repaired.
  • ACP is not marked as complete.
  • Embed Flickr videos are displayed as photos.
  • Fixed an issue with notifications that weren’t displayed as unread.
  • Where there is an appropriate profile field.
  • The input address has been fixed.
  • For some circumstances.
  • Disabled Grammarly.
  • Notifications are disabled
  • Disable simultaneous comments that combine status replies.
  • Post content deleted from Post Before Registration, email reminder to prevent spam.
  • Ability removed to view the club menu tab.


  • If you want through CRON.
  • Fix errors when moving topics in a smooth view.
  • Fixed database errors.


  • Tax class is still missing. Lost extension invoices are generated for location-specific tax rates. Fixed a problem listing tickets. Fixed an issue with adminCP notification for pending withdrawal links Repairing the strip webhook that doesn’t need to report an error. Category filters still don’t appear on mobile. If you are the address of the guest This is a list of registration forms. Fixed an issue when searching for admin names in direct search. Additional automatic renewal invoices are added later. Fixed an issue where the number could not be edited. Fixed time

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