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Nextpost is an automated post application web tool for online marketing that allows you to post automatically to Instagram, schedule and manage your Instagram account simultaneously. With Nextpost, you can post and rate your posts in one panel and save time managing multiple Instagram accounts.

Hello everyone, As you know, Nextpost was closed on September 18, 2018. The only reason to turn it off was spammers and tons of versions of the Nextpost script that were canceled and changed maliciously. Since then we have received more than a thousand requests via email and other social media channels to reopen our services. So considering this request, we decided to reactivate the core Nextpost script along with the landing page skin. The current version is 4.2 which was released on August 13, 2018. When we reactivated the script, we began to develop a completely new version. The new version will come with a completely new UI and many changes in the backend. Changes to backend may not be compatible with the old version. Who asks us to reactivate an item, can already buy the script. All buyers will have access to the new version for free. We will try to release new updates and patches regularly. But you should consider that we sell products without customer support since December 2017. Which means that we may not be available to answer support related questions. There are several Nextpost buyer communities to ask questions. As we said since the first day we released Nextpost, the script uses an independent and unofficial API. This is in no way affiliated with, permitted, managed, sponsored or supported by Instagram or its affiliates or subsidiaries. We are not responsible for your actions and damage to your Instagram account. Greetings!

Instagram is designed to help users capture events while they are up to date and stay updated with their friends, family and customers. Real time posting is probably the best way to use it, but not everyone has the time to update their Instagram account in real time. There are several tools that allow you to upload videos and photos, but they don’t let you schedule your content. With Nextpost, you don’t need to worry about managing multiple Instagram accounts and posting content.


  • Nextpost Nulled
  • Nextpost 4.2.0
  • Nextpost 4.2.1
  • Fix No Configs Given
  • Download Nextpost nulled


Nextpost offers the following features to help you save time and focus on more important things:

Repost public Instagram posts directly from the posting URL or embed code

Automatic JPEG image validation

  • Modern UI, easy to use, responsive cellular
  • post the function now
  • Schedule a post
  • Multi Instagram account
  • Cloud Drives (Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive)
  • PayPal and Stripe Integration
  • Automatically post photos, videos, stories and albums
  • Internal User Management
  • Complete user registration and login system
  • Emoji Support
  • Statistics
  • Automatic Instagram posts – Automatically post the same content to all Instagram accounts
  • Subscription Package
  • Hashing Secure Passwords
  • PNG support
  • Resize Auto Images to fit Instagram’s aspect ratio
  • Spintax support
  • Text template
  • Email notification
  • Proxy support
  • Sign in with Facebook
  • Schedule Calendar
  • Automatic zone detection and language
  • Ready in various languages
  • Invisible package for internal use only
  • Advanced user and package control options
  • Drag & drop media uploads
  • Repeat payment model for Stripe
  • Automatic image resizing / trimming features (Almost for each picture)

Nextpost is easily installed and has a cellular responsive design, so it will maintain its appearance even when viewed using a mobile device.

Automatic Posting and Scheduling in One Tool

Instagram has its own special features that you must master if you want to use them to drive more traffic to your site and generate more direction for your business. If your customers use Instagram, it’s even more important for you to create your own Instagram account and connect with them.

There is no need to spend all day uploading content on your Instagram account when you can use a tool that automatically posts your stories, photos and videos on Instagram. That’s what you will get from Nextpost. Now, you can get the best from every post with Instagram Nextpost’s post-automatic function. Just select the time you want to upload your content and Nextpost will take care of the rest. It also gives you real-time preview of your Instagram account.

Schedule your posts

Nextpost allows you to schedule your posts in the future to save time. You don’t even need to enter and exit various social media platforms because you can easily manage multiple Instagram accounts from one place.

Import Images from Cloud Drive

You can import images from your Dropbox and OneDrive account using Nextpost. In this way, you don’t need to enter in each account. Just use Nextpost and save time!

Manage Multiple Instagram Accounts Simultaneously

Nextpost allows you to send to your Instagram account simultaneously. When you add content to your Instagram, Nextpost automatically posts the same content to your other account.


How To Fix Error “No Config Given” issue in Nextpost 4.2.0?

Take files from Nextpost 4.2.1

Replace : app/vendor/mgp25/instagram-php/src/Request/Internal.php

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