Universal v4.3.2 Free Download – Multi-user Android application.

Universal- This is a universal Android application that can be used to make anything. You can use and combine as much as possible time lines, blogs, news feeds, playlists, pages, etc. If necessary, add an icon, create a section and select it. Push Notification from OneSignal – easily send messages and push URLs to your users. Save articles and posts from WordPress and RSS offline. Youtube web pages and videos can be presented as favorite items. Tumblr images can be saved to your local storage. Simply create your application by adjusting colors and using your own icon for menu items. You can also choose between several styles for your navigation menu. Admob Banner & Intermediary – when creating Admob, it only takes a few seconds to add banners to your application and display ads during navigation. Show comments on posts.



Unlimited Items – You can use & combine as many Timelines, Blogs, Feeds, Channels, Playlists, Stations, Web Pages, etc. as you want. Optionally add icons, make parts and highlight. Material Design – Complete Material Design, with animated Drawer Icons, Ripple and Card layout. Can be fully adjusted in each color. With subtle animations such as the Parallax header and the fading toolbar. Tablet UI – Layout of two special fields on the tablet and in-depth detail display to read articles and view content without interruption. Push Notification by OneSignal – Send messages and url push to your users easily. In-app purchases – Let your users delete ads or open additional content in your application by making in-app purchases. * Offline & Favorites – Save Articles and posts from WordPress and RSS offline. Web pages & Youtube videos can be sent as favorite items. Tumblr images can be saved to local storage. Can be Customized – Make your application your own easily through translations and by adjusting colors & using your own icon for menu items. You can also choose between several styles for your Navigation drawer, for example by setting the header image.

Admob Banner & Interstitials – With a build on Admob, it only takes a few seconds to add banners throughout your application & display interstitial ads during navigation. Comments – Show comments to posts, videos and articles from Youtube, Facebook, WordPress & Instagram in your application .NativeWeb Technology ™ – Never has this beautiful web content. We inject special CSS into HTML and WordPress based HTML descriptions to optimize pages for device screens and create a uniform display. YouTube & WordPress Search – Let users search your youtube blog and channel. Social – Let your users share content and promote your application simultaneously . Custom actions – Easily make intentions to other applications, or open the url from the menu.

Flexible Navigation – Easily create drawer-based applications or drawer-based navigation, or even a combination of both! Easy & Dynamic Configuration – Easily define your application configuration using our free Configuration Maker. Your application will be loaded based on this configuration, you can even change this configuration quickly! In-App Videoplayer – Let users play youtube videos without having to leave your application! In-App Media Viewer – View (embedded) images, videos and audio from content in your application, full screen. Disqus – Support for interactive Disqus comments for WordPress. About & Application level – Display about dialogue with HTML markup & Let users rate your application from settings. Language support – Easily translate from one file. Also supports language and RTL layout. Connection Manager – Automatically detects when there is no connection and asks the user to continue when the internet is restored. Royal Documentation – Instructions for the first application (installing java, SDK etc.). Step by step importing and customizing templates. Video Tutorials – Video instructions for setting up SDK and Android Studio, opening the appropriate files, changing the name of your package and exporting your application.

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