WebViewGold for Android v4.4 Free Download – Android WebView application

WebViewGold is a WebView solution that only works. Create your own Android application with just a few clicks. Use your mobile site as a basis, and this package for Android Studio that changes your URL (or local HTML) into a native Android application!



Optimized for high performance software packages Android Studio Modern Chromium Web Enginge simple: just enter your URL (or local HTML folder), and WebViewGold will take care of everything! Default Android activity indicator when loading your URL. A stand-alone screen with the “Try again” button if your application cannot connect to your URL. HTML 5 audio / HTML 5 video / geolocation / … supported. Specify which URL the system browser will open instead of your application (for external links, for example, Facebook / Twitter) Android multitasking is supported Individual upload color design file supported Custom UserAgent strings are supported by image and PDF Downloader API The first dialog starts (for example, “Thank you for downloading this application!”) My application dialog level Follow on Facebook Dialog Cache Management push-notification via javascript or OneSignal is URL-link (optional) AdMob banners and full screen ads (both options …

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