Sngine v2.5.10 NULLED – The Ultimate PHP Social Network Platform

Sngine is a PHP Social Networking Platform is the best way to create your own social website or online community. Launch in just 1 minute with excellent features. Fast, safe, and will be updated regularly.


User / General Features:

  • User friends can add other people as friends
  • Follow / Unfollow Sngine also supports the following systems like Twitter / Facebook
  • News Feeds, Chat & Notification of Real-Time Real Time and Profile Updates
  • Share Users can share any public posts on the Sngine
  • Auto-memo Intelligent Publisher Publisher (Music, Video, Link)
  • YouTube, Vimeo, SoundCloud Users can share links from this media
  • Notifications Get notifications (red notifications with counters) from other users when they: Like, Share, Comment, or @ mention you
  • Voice Notifications for Notifications & New Messages
  • Privacy users can change their privacy settings at any time
  • Hahtags #hashtags posts in posts, comments and chat conversations
  • Mention users can mention their friends
  • Photos upload images and display them as galleries.
  • Groups Stay in touch with group members and share stories with them.
  • Pages Users can now create pages like Facebook.
  • Smile / Emoticon (smile) in Messages, Comments, and Chat.
  • Blok Mange Users can block other users that prevent them from chatting with each other.
  • Extraordinary Profile with Cover and Avatar for user / page / group profiles
  • Verify the Badge Now profile and the page supports the verification badge
  • Integrated Search Box. Direct search for hashtags, posts, pages and groups
  • See Other options for cutting long text posts like Facebook
  • Retina Display Ready Responsive Design (optimized for iPhone 5 and other iOS devices)
  • Suggestions Suggestions for friends (for new users), preferred pages, groups to join

Script / Admin Features:

  • Portable so you can run it on any hosting easily
  • Ajax powered system
  • We make it with pure PHP with code that is easy to follow, so developers can customize it
  • SEO SEO Friendly Url
  • System Shutdown Enables and disables all websites
  • Registration Enabled Enables and Disables registration
  • Send Activation Email Activate / Deactivate activation email after registration
  • SMTP Email Enables / Disables the SMTP email system
  • reCAPTCHA Activated Turn on and turn off reCAPTCHA
  • Multi-lingual multi-lingual platform uses ‘gettext’ (Supports Arabic Language and RTL Design)
  • Manage Translation: Admin can add / edit / delete language translations
  • Cache System Advanced caching systems for all systems and display templates that guarantee fast loading for all websites
  • Manage Users Manage your members, edit their profile details, and verify whoever they are
  • Manage Pages Manage the pages that your members create, verify who they are
  • Manage Page Categories Admin can add / edit / delete various categories for pages
  • Manage Edit Groups or Delete user-created groups
  • Manage report reports by your members
  • Manage User Admin / Verified Pages can make any user / page as verified.
  • Static Admin Pages can add / edit / delete static pages such as about, privacy, terms … etc.
  • Ad System Admins can add / edit / delete advertisements for all systems with different locations.
  • Manage Theme Admin can add / edit / delete themes
  • Advanced Statistics Statistics about User Registration, Messages, Comments, Messages & Reported Comments, Likes
  • Set Min / Max Admin Results can set Min / Max number of results per request
  • Sngine APIs to get user info, pages, and groups, check documents online to learn more

Change Log / Update

Version 2.5.10 06-21-2019

  • [Updated] Android application
  • [Updated] Documentation
  • [Updated] System Security
  • [Updated] System Optimization
  • [Updated] Libg Sngine [AWS | HybridAuth v3 | Stripe | Twilio]
  • [Updated] Sngine JS Dependency [jQuery | bootstrap.colorpicker | | codemirror | tinymce]
  • [Updated] CSS Sngine [Font-Cool] Dependency
  • [Added] Post Reaction (like, love, haha ​​… etc)
  • [Added] Reactions and Sharing Options to Articles
  • [Added] Search Case Insensitive
  • [Added] Support for PHP 7.3+
  • [Added] Support for Nginx / IIS Server
  • [Added] 2 new languages ​​[Portuguese (Brazil) & Greek]
  • [Added] Download User Information On / Off [Admin Panel]
  • [Added] Automatic Friend [Admin Panel]
  • [Added] Automatic Follow [Admin Panel]
  • [Added] Auto Likes [Admin Panel]
  • [Added] Automatic Merge [Admin Panel]
  • [Added] Garbage Collection [Admin Panel]
  • [Added] Backup Database & File [Admin Panel]
  • [Added] Delete photo from photo page
  • [Added] Video Tab for Profile
  • [Added] Video Tab for Pages
  • [Added] Video Tab for Groups
  • [Added] Video Tab for Events
  • [Added] Number of Video Views
  • [Added] Number of Audio Views
  • [Added] New Video Player (fluidplayer)
  • [Added] New Publisher Icon
  • [Added] Trends #Hashtags
  • [Added] Access any profile even if the user blocks the admin
  • [Added] Admin can access groups / Private / Closed events in the system
  • [Added] Percentage of Affiliates from Package Prices
  • [Added] Small Image of Custom Video
  • [Added] Change Datetime Format [Admin Panel]
  • [Added] Translation of Datetime Selector
  • [Fixed] Small bug
  • [Fixing] Photo album is counted & includes photos on pages, groups & events
  • [Fixed] Disable “privacy change” for cover photo / profile picture post
  • [Fixed] The button closes the story on the small screen

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